CSP Jewish Roots Trip | 1000 Years Of History: The Power Of Memory

call: 1.888.811.2812 visit: daattravel.com us office 147 west 35 st., suite 801 new york, ny 10001 israel office 19 washington st., po box 71047 jerusalem 91710 europe Over 1,000 years ago, Judaism took root and grew in the rich soil of the boundary-shifting area that would become known as Poland. Before America, before modern day Israel, before the Holocaust, Lithuania and Poland were home to the largest and most significant Jewish community in the world. On the eve of the Shoah, some 3,300,000 Jews lived in the area where the influential Jewish leader“theVilna Gaon” taught cadres of students, the Baal Shem Tov created Chasidism and young David Ben-Gurion and Shimon Peres dreamed of establishing an independent homeland in Landof Israel. FromVilna toWarsaw, Lublin toKrakow, andTreblinka toAuschwitz, joinus aswewalk in the footsteps of some of greatest rabbis and thinkers of European history, learn about the complexities of life in the shtetls and cities, draw inspiration from examples of heroism and solidarity during the darkest times, experience the radical changes and surprising continuities of Eastern Europe after Communism, andmeet those involved in the recent rejuvenation of Jewish communal life that was unimaginable just a generation ago. Pre-arrival options: We are happy to introduce you to a genealogist to help you research your family history in the area as well as arrange a pre-arrival tour to your ancestral villages in the area. Extra costs apply.